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Kenkey twist

Lashibi, Ghana

Was ist Ihre Idee / Geschäft und an wen ist gerichtet?

My business idea falls within the local beverage production and it's tailored for all ages within my country. It's a gluten free pro biotic smoothie made with fermented corn dumpling infused with fresh yoghurt. It is a recipe that has existed since time in memorial but has been touch to to boost the tasting experience and to give a healthy appeal. The idea is typically producing local beverages, spicing it up into modern healthy smoothie. The product consists of varied health benefits and it's ideal for a proper and possibly standard healthy living. The project targets B2B, B2C. currently the business is only operating on demand from clients who have sampled it and place in request through our P2P marketing. The product gears in on health and leverages on educating clients on the nutritional benefits of the product. It's an innovative way to entice customers who are already looking to go organic and live healthier.

Wie soll die Idee / das Geschäft verdienen?

The product has a fixed price of about $2. Production is set to target about 3,000 people a week.

Auf welcher Phase befindet sich die Idee / das Geschäft derzeit?

Project has been drafted and has detailed financial plans on how monies would be invested. If capital is injected into this project, it will take no less than 3-4 month to fully get operational, primarily because machines will have acquired and tried along with purchasing of other needed materials for production.

Was brauchen Sie?

The business needs $10,000.00 to shift the project into full operation mode. Right now we are looking for investors to fund the project.

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