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Gesundheitsförderndes Sanatorium (Kurort) vom Familientyp mit dem Schlammrehabilitationskomplex

Tolbukhina Street, Odesa, Ukraine

Was ist Ihre Idee / Geschäft und an wen ist gerichtet?

Health-improving sanatorium (resort) family type with mud rehabilitation complex. Health tourism has been around for thousands of years since the third millennium B.C. The industry has grown substantially in the past decades as citizens of the EU travel from richer countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and Ireland to seek affordable healthcare in other countries, primarily in Eastern Europe. Tourism will be Europe?s fastest growing sector ? and wellness travel will grow even faster. Among European countries, Ukraine is very attractive in resort and sanatorium services. Ukraine is one of the leading places in Europe for resort health resources, including unique climatic zones such as sea coasts and the Carpathians montains, as well as mineral waters and therapeutic muds of all known balneological types. The chemical composition of the available medical dirt allows to treat diseases of joints, soft tissues, musculoskeletal system, digestive organs, liver and biliary tract, nervous system, skin; metabolic disorders. And the unique microclimate and the air (around salt estuaries and the sea) allows to treat respiratory diseases. The quality of Ukrainian medical dirt is not inferior to the famous slimes of the Dead Sea, and in some qualities, exceed them.

Wie soll die Idee / das Geschäft verdienen?

The concept of development is based on the greatest opportunities in this area: environmentally friendly zone (staying within 100 km of industrial enterprises), microclimate of the surrounded estuaries used in mud resources and sea beaches. This is a unique project in its segment, which has no analogues in Ukraine. It will be a world-class resort.

Auf welcher Phase befindet sich die Idee / das Geschäft derzeit?

The project is implemented with the support of the State regional and district administration of Ukraine. Available: business plan, feasibility study, land plot of 6 hectares., a detailed plan of the territory, other permits. Financial characteristics- financing of the object is planned at the expense of investment resources. The estimated cost of the project is about 10 million $ US. Estimated payback period is 3-4 years.

Was brauchen Sie?

We are interested in cooperation with a partner. It can be an investor, a travel company, a medical company or a hotel chain.

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